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Thank you so much for checking out this letter from my multitude of requests. I appreciate the time and hope that you will have fun fulfilling the prompts. The reason I left the details to the letter is that I am generally easy going about what I want to see. It's the same reason I left open so many fandoms - I would be totally absolutely happy with anything from any of them!

If you want to see stuff that I write and rec, I'm mnemosyne on Ao3 and threefeettotheleft on Tumblr.

Here's what I wrote for Yuletide, and is probably still the same best summary of stuff I like:
"In general, I prefer my fics on the lower end of the ratings spectrum, I don't mind sex scenes, but in truth, tend to skip over them (a habit borne of reading entirely too much badly written smut, sorry). I love character driven stories - you know those bottle episodes of TV shows in which people get stuck places and are forced to talk to each other about stuff? I'm so into that. This isn't to say I don't appreciate a good plot, but characters are my bag. In romances, I like to see a relationship begin and grow, esp if it's non-canon - I like to see how a point is reached.

I'm an optimist. I like optimistic stories; they don't have to be happy stories, but I tend not to look for angst, tragedy or deep cynicism.

Yay: Bonding, first kisses, respect, supportiveness, competence, working together, banter, discovering truths, earned happy endings, nerding out (over whatever interest), fake dating/fake married leading to romance, quiet moments in a storm.
Nay: Humiliation, angst, explicit sexual situations, explicit violence, torture, character death, a/b/o, pregnancy/kidfic, tragedy (without optimism), cruelty, established non-canon relationships (ie, prefer getting together), character bashing (beyond established canon)

Triggers/Squicks: Alcoholism, character death (particularly if sibling death - big flashing trigger, please do not), relationships with large power imbalances."

The specifics! Totally, totally guidelines only.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
group: Julian Bashir & Elim Garak (DS9)

I shipped this ever since I saw their first meeting. One's a Cardassian spy, the other a naive human doctor who likes to pretend to be a spy. I love the give and take of their relationship, the way they both spend so much time learning about each other, needling each other, helping each other and protecting each other. There's a lot of respect there, even when they pretend there isn't. I was so glad that they got a closing scene together at the end of the series, a testament to an unorthodox, but deep friendship. Or romance. Definitely romance. Would totally love to see something between them post-series, but that's entirely optional.

Star Trek: Voyager
group: Harry Kim & B'Elanna Torres (VOY)

Nerds! They're nerds. They are hilarious, competent, nerds. Who love each other dearly. I love the idea of Harry and B'Elanna, reluctant BFFs.

Z Nation (TV)
Cassandra (Z Nation) Roberta Warren (Z Nation)

I'd prefer if Cassandra was pre-zombie Cassandra. They're the both of them strong, smart women, very tough and private. It would be great to see something of them bonding, in a way we never really got to see in the show itself. Alternatively, no-zombification Cassandra AU would be awesome as well.

Dragon Age II
Sebastian Vael (DA2) Fenris (DA2) Isabela (DA2)FanFic

Isabela: And you’ve all been wondering why I don’t wear pants. So much less toxic goo to clean off.
Sebastian: I should have thought of that.

Isabela, Fenris and Sebastian are an underrated trio. They've all got utterly terrific senses of humour and I think a lot of faith in one another. I'd like to see anything in which they get to forge their own little adventure without Hawke around.

Captain America (Movies)
group: Riley & Sam Wilson (Captain America)
Riley lives AU? No? Then anything featuring Riley and Sam's partnership.

Orange is the New Black
Any Character
Literally anything about these ladies would please me. Ships? I ship everything. Gen? Awesome. I love all of them.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Cremisius "Krem" Aclassi (DAI)

Get the pattern that I like people with sly, dry wit a lot? I love Krem. I ship him with Cullen particularly, but I'd also be really enamoured of any Chargers fic at all, because it feels to me that Krem very much is the Iron Bull's go to leader when the Iron Bull is off elsewhere.

Fear the Walking Dead (TV)
Victor Strand (FtWD)

Strand is amazing. He builds himself a character that he clings to, but at the heart of it, is determined to protect those he loves over anything, even when it may bring himself harm. I do ship him with Thomas, but also with Nick. I definitely ship him with Nick. Just... putting that out there.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV)
Group: Jefferson "Jax" Jackson & Mick Rory & Leonard Snart (DC's LoT)FanFic

I like Jax's youthful arrogance and boundful heart. I like Rory and Snart pretending like they don't care (but secretly they care a LOT oh my god). I like that they are all totally down for Hijinks and I like that Snart and Rory - like the entire team - kind of gang up big brotherly on Jax. I like that Jax knows this. Bring me all the team fluff in the land.

Assassin's Creed
Ratonhnhaké:ton | Connor (Assasin's Creed)

Ratonhnhaké:ton has such depth of feeling that he struggles to keep contained. He's compelling in his pride and the love that drives him. I'd love to see anything dealing with him and life on his homestead, the people he gathers to himself. I mean, this is the dude who ran all over the place finding flowers so he could help a friend woo a lady, whilst apparently singlehandedly saving all the days in the American Revolution (ok, I exaggerate. But not much). I love him, he's beautiful.


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