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Star Wars Rare Pair Exchange - Letter

Dear Creator,

Hi! Thank you so much for offering to write for one of my pairings. I'm ridiculously excited about this exchange - although I've not participated much in Star Wars fandom as such, SW novels were the first things I cut my scifi-reading teeth on, and I've loved it in so many different forms over the years that I've lost count.

So with that expression of love, let me get this straight: I will be thrilled to read whatever it is you produce. I mostly hope that you enjoy writing the piece, because that's what this is all about. Obviously the specific details I put down here wrt to the pairings are purely optional, feel free to use as much or as little as you need.

Enter your cut contents here.

In general, I like optimistic stories. They don’t need to always be happy stories, but in fic, I like to be left with at least that little spark of hope, not despair. I also prefer stories on the mid to lower end of the ratings spectrum, but you do not at all have to interpret that as fluff – I tend to avoid explicit sex and violence in fic.




- Alcoholism

- Sibling death

- Child abuse

- Non-consensual sex/relationships

- Explicit gore/body horror/torture



- A/B/O dynamics

- Explicit sexual content

- Humiliation

- Pregnancy/kidfic

- Infidelity

- Character death

- Angst without optimism

- dark!versions of characters (excluding antagonists, so dark!Kylo Ren is fine, dark!Luke Skywalker, not so much)

- complete universe-shift AUs (eg, coffee shop AU. Canon-alterations ok – eg, Padme lives)


Uh, W? Things I like:

- Competence, puzzle/situation-solving

- Bonding

- Respect/supportiveness

- Earned happy endings

- Working together/teams

- Banter, friendly teasing, friendly rivalries

- Fake dating/fake married

- The quiet in a storm, comfort

- First times

- Adventures

- Shared nerding out

- Worldbuilding, politics

- Worldview discussion

- Different personalities finding their common ground


Specifics (don't take any note of length of paragraphs, I am absolutely equally happy to receive any relationship listed here)


Games:KotOR & KotOR 2: The Sith Lords

Note, I play 2 with the Restored Content mod, but no other content mods. If you want to know this too, I tend to play a light-side Exile, focus on lightsaber combat, and a light side Revan, dual wielding blasters. Feel free to use information from TOR/the conics/Revan, but I don't consider those canonical (male Revan, for a start!) so ignore any or all of it if you like.


Bao-Dur/Atton “Jaq” Rand

Bao-Dur and Atton probably have one of the most straightforward relationships in this little dysfunctional family on the Ebon Hawk. However, they’re both very much characters who play their cards close to the chest, deliberately making it hard for people to truly get to know them. They’re snarky, angry people who follow through with their whole hearts on the line, and I think that makes for a wonderful dynamic, be it working together, or hooking up.


Carth Onasi/Mical | Disciple

The soldier and the historian! I love the nobility and loyalty of both characters, though where Carth begins his story in KOTOR prickly and untrusting, Mical begins his more open-hearted to the good in people. Carth in KotOR 2 (again LS Revan is my frame here) is a man more at peace, but still dealing with being left behind by the person he followed so loyally. I'd love to see something post-game for these guys, when Revan and the Exile are gone and they're faced with rebuilding again. Or pre-game, how Mical ends up meeting and working directly with Carth, and any missions/adventures they've been involved in.


Original Trilogy:

Biggs Darklighter/Luke Skywalker

Childhood sweethearts to adult lovers? Not realising the other loved them until it was too late? Not realising they loved the other until it was too late? (To certain degrees to too late, of course – Biggs leaving Tatooine vs. Biggs' death). All of this is my jam. With Biggs, I love that there's someone in canon who has this shared history in Luke, but very much follows his own heart in defecting to the Rebel Alliance. I am so very down with Biggs Darklighter lives AUs. And then, of course, REBEL PILOTS. I'm all about hotshot pilots in space. There's so much scope for hijinks, squadron bonding, “oh, so you're that Luke. Did you really-” “No!” *suspicious giggling from behind Biggs' glass*, or, for the more angst minded, the fallout after canon events.


Lando Calrissian/Luke Skywalker

It was partly this gifset/meta that started me thinking about these two. I adore Lando Calrissian. He's another character who tries to do he needs to protect his people for his people, but there's a pragmatic side to him too, where he's willing to take a shadier route to achieve the goal. Like Han, Lando is a quick thinker and a smooth talker, but that's tempered with a quality he shares with Luke – a deep empathy. It helps him leverage situations to his advantage, but it also means that he's one to figure out what it is that people need. They're a great balance for one another – Lando's travelled worldliness in comparison with Luke's discovery of the galaxy, his sense of the game vs Luke's more direct nature. I'd love to see some of their interactions during the timeline of the movie canon, how they might grow closer. Or skip ahead, how might Lando react to the disappearance of Luke, or even the legend of Luke that has built up over the years.


Sequel Trilogy:

Poe Dameron/Jessika Pava, Poe Dameron/Finn/Jessika Pava

Ok, so you know how I mentioned before I like hotshot pilots? Let me reiterate: I LOVE hotshot pilots. I love the sense of fun and freedom Poe expresses when he's flying, but I fully get the impression from him that he expects the best out of everyone he meets, and is a quick judge of people. Jess is more of a canon wildcard, but she's clearly a highly skilled pilot, and the very fact of her presence in the Resistance suggests someone willing to fight and die for her beliefs. Her appearance in the Weapon of a Jedi novelisation hints at someone who – like Poe - does like the thrill of adventure and heroics. With Finn, he has to be starting to learn to value to strength of individuality – we already see that he has a keen, analytical mind that can work out people and situations and adapt accordingly. He's also another character who responds well to the adrenaline of adventure – look at how he reacts when he and Poe steal the TIE, or after his and Rey's chase in the Falcon. So with the two or the three of them, I would love to see that sense of mutual respect shine through their developing relationship, the way that their disparate skills complement each other and form a unit. Maybe the scrapes and situations they could get themselves caught up in – whether they're on a mission or not. Or maybe the aftermath of such.



Canon EU:

Ketsu Onyo/Sabine Wren

Their evident closeness, then estrangement and then reconnection – it's prime fodder for all sorts of exploration of their relationship. Their backstory in leaving the academy and becoming bounty hunters would be great – Sabine clearly reaches a different path before Ketsu does, and how does that play out with regard to their relationship? After Ketsu joins the Rebellion, do they then try and pick up the pieces of a relationship that they once had, or do they come to something new? They're both strong-willed people, who find it difficult to trust – are these traits informed by their relationship with each other?


Leia Organa/Sosha Soruna

I fell in love with Soruna the second I read Shattered Empire. Royalty and fighter pilot, willing – no, insistent – on putting her own life on the line in order to protect her planet and her people? Headstrong and absolutely defiant of someone telling her to do something that goes against her instincts. Does that sound like anyone else we know? I don't imagine for a second that Sosha's fighting spirit remained confined to her actions in flight. This is a great pairing for exploring political conflicts and mechanisms, and it would be great to see what becomes of Sosha years down the line, what she might be doing in the TFA timeline, for instance.


Sabine Wren/Kanan Jarrus

The thing I like about Sabine/Kanan is how quick they appear to be to call each other out. There's clearly a great deal of respect between them, even when they're at odds. Kanan is something of an inspiration to Sabine, though I would call their relationship more like a peer relationship than one in which he is her mentor as such. I'd enjoy seeing something in which Sabine and Kanan are working together, particularly set post-S2 finale, or quiet moments and missing scenes which reaffirm their bond.




Bao-Dur did something truly terrible in war, our of anger, out of hate, and out of loyalty, something which haunts him throughout his life – he turns to aid, not destruction. By contrast, Finn made a choice, to walk away from the ideology he was born into, the only thing he had ever known, when he was asked to do something that went against his ingrained morals. There's plenty to be mined in their personalities and their respective conflicts, and the way both began to rebuild their lives after that changing point.


So... that's that. I've got a couple of other letters on this blog if you want to peruse earlier lists. I'm threefeettotheleft/tinfoilpalandapedalbin on Tumblr if that's helpful. Remember, nothing I've written here is gospel!


Happy writing!