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Dear Yuletide Author,

First off, thank you in advance for choosing to write for one of my requests. I hope that you enjoy it, and I very much look forward to reading.

If you'd like to know a little more about me (or clarify anything I've said), I am also threefeettotheleft on Tumblr, and mnemosyne/smakibbfb on ao3, if you want to take a flick through my bookmarls.

In general, I prefer my fics on the lower end of the ratings spectrum, I don't mind sex scenes, but in truth, tend to skip over them (a habit borne of reading entirely too much badly written smut, sorry). I love character driven stories - you know those bottle episodes of TV shows in which people get stuck places and are forced to talk to each other about stuff? I'm so into that. This isn't to say I don't appreciate a good plot, but characters are my bag. In romances, I like to see a relationship begin and grow, esp if it's non-canon - I like to see how a point is reached.

I'm an optimist. I like optimistic stories; they don't have to be happy stories, but I tend not to look for angst, tragedy or deep cynicism.

Yay: Bonding, first kisses, respect, supportiveness, competence, working together, banter, discovering truths, earned happy endings, nerding out (over whatever interest), fake dating/fake married leading to romance, quiet moments in a storm.
Nay: Humiliation, angst, explicit sexual situations, explicit violence, torture, character death, a/b/o, pregnancy/kidfic, tragedy (without optimism), cruelty, established non-canon relationships (ie, prefer getting together), character bashing (beyond established canon)

Triggers/Squicks: Alcoholism, character death (particularly if sibling death - big flashing trigger, please do not), relationships with large power imbalances.

BTW, if I mention here characters I didn't request - they are just for illustration or inspiration, they're not more requirements. None of the below is required, it's for assistance only.


Falling Skies
I'm going to confess off the bat that I actively pretend that series 5 didn't happen. It included all the things I didn't (personally) like about Falling Skies - the Masons (save Lexie) being effectively untouchable, character death for plot angst, the fact that anyone who questioned Tom's leadership being unambiguously villainous. The things I loved about the show, though, were the community banding together and building themselves into a whole with a true identity of their own, recognising that they were stronger together. Lourdes and Pope were two of my favourite characters as examples of this. Pope - for all his unpleasantness in many ways - loved and protected his team, up to S5 he was a capable leader and a clever man. He pushed against Tom, whilst coming to understand that even if he didn't like the man, the community needed him. Lourdes on the other hand, started from a place of acceptance, already friendly with Hal when we meet her. Her faith, strength and intelligence defined her - she was easily as good as Anne in her medical skills. The line I think exemplified Lourdes the most was in S1, on when asked what she prayed for God to send her - "I ask Him to show me what I can do for Him". She went through a lot over the series, and each time she picked herself up and dusted herself off and started again. My third character, Lee, we learned less about, but she's an interesting woman in her own right - the only one amongst the Berserkers for a start. She clearly has a good relationship with the others, and also with Matt Mason. Her last wishes to Pope, the trip she asked to take, were heartbreaking.


- There's a medical team of approximately two dealing with the whole community - we've seen Lourdes treating Pope's injuries, how about Lourdes and the Berserkers interacting and learning about each other.
- So much to explore with Lee - how she came to the 2nd Mass, who she was, how she dealt with losses of her team.
- AU set in the world of Tom's Strange Brew hallucination.

The Librarians
I have less to say about The Librarians, luckily. This show follows one of my favourite scifi sets - wacky adventures in bright colours, had by wonderfully realised characters. There is not a single character in the Librarians who I don't find utterly delightful. They're all quick-witted nerds (even Eve) - see above regarding my love of competence - we're shown, as well as told, why the Library would have chosen them all. Each of the main four of the series complement each other well, and none of them suffer from being an unknowing "everyman" - we're asked to trust them all in their skills. I asked in this prompt for focus on Ezekiel. He's a character I could stand to know a lot more about; one of those figures so loud about who they are that even he doesn't know what all his strengths are.


- Any case!fic, but particularly if the situation involves Eve and Ezekiel having to team up on their own.
- Flynn attempting to mentor Ezekiel. Ezekiel is having none of it.
- Anything from AU!Ezekiel's timeline.
- Holidays fic! This is me just really liking the Christmas episode ok. Holiday themed fic would be excellent.

Star Wars: Rebels
Star Wars: Rebels was my favourite new show of 2014, bar exactly none. The characters are beautiful, funny, flawed, loving, strong and fragile all at once. The setting of the fledgling rebellion is a goldmine; these are people right at the beginning of a movement, with all the uncertainty that entails - they have to trust each other. The Hera/Sabine episode Out of Darkness was great in that it showed that this isn't as easily said as done, whilst giving both women excellent reasons for their opposite sides in this conversation.

I'd like to see the Hera/Sabine (shippy or not) dynamic explored further; they are both clearly very clever, brave women who fight in very different ways - Sabine goes for the unmissable flash, Hera is subtle, but direct.

Also, I am not here for Sabine/Ezra. Not my ship.


- Hera and Sabine going for some downtime on their own.
- Anything involving Sabine's family.
- Sabine getting to show off her language skills.

Star Wars Legends: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords
Star Wars is chock full of great characters, and these two - Bao-Dur and HK-47 - are definitely some of them. What I like about this game is that it talks around the Star Wars mythology, discussing how elements of all the teachings can be taken in various ways. I pretty much always play a light-side character, btw, so I would prefer if it's light-side centric. I know this doesn't necessarily float with HK-47, but the angry assassin robot working to aid his Good masters brings me joy. Bao-Dur is my quiet darkhorse of the team. He throws himself into his work as his way of dealing with - and atoning for - what he did in the war; his quiet insistence on referring to the Exile as "general" indicates his trouble leaving in his past. He's kind, loyal and soft-spoken, but he feels deeply, whether positive or negative.
For the record, I only consider the game itself canon. I do play restored content, and I'm not sure what was in the release vs. what's only there restored content - so do draw from whatever you like.

- What happens to Bao-Dur in the immediate aftermath of the game.
- Downtime on the Ebon Hawk.
- HK-47 hangs out where Bao-Dur works. He has many opinions.

Erhm. So there, maybe something in that will help?
- threefeettotheleft


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